Pillows And Blankets


Yashmay offers a five-star facility for our resident scholars, keeping in mind their age as well as their privacy. Young minds cannot be left to themselves so the facility offers a spacious room for 6 students, each child has their own storage space, a well designed study table with comfortable beds and and a cupboard. Each room has an internal telephone that connects them to the warden.  Students have a laundry bay along with the option of laundry services. The hostel block also has a recreational room with comfortable seating to watch TV, Carom, Chess, etc. We also offer a well placed dining hall that is attached to a kitchen. We have our in-house chefs that can cook an array of different cuisines.

Traditional Myanmar Food


Daily Pills


The School has well-equipped in-house (8 bedded) infirmaries. Yashmay offers 4 beds for Boys & 4 beds for girls with a qualified nurse round the clock. We also have a list of doctors that are on call, who visit the school from time to time ensuring that our students are in the pink of health. The students are rushed to the nearest reputed hospital in case of any emergency, and the parents are kept informed about their wards well-being / regular checkups and shall be advised in case they require a specialised physician.  
A proper health record is kept for each child.

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